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New York financial technology company SmartAsset released the rankings from its second annual Healthiest Housing Markets Study  and Leesburg made the list at number 9 in Florida, up from their ranking of  16 in 2015. The study measures market health by the average number of years residents spend in homes, home values, ease of sale, and the costs associated with ownership.
For a look at how Leesburg compares with the Florida leaders, check the table below:

Rank City Average Years Living in Home Avg. Homes with Negative Equity Homes Decreasing in Value Avg. Days on Market Home Costs as % of Income Healthiest Markets Index
1 Lake Butler 13.1 12.8% 7.4% 88.0 19.8% 88.39
2 Lady Lake 11.1 9.0% 20.3% 50.4 19.6% 87.11
3 Satellite Beach 14.4 9.0% 8.8% 41.9 23.1% 86.47
4 Hernando 11.5 12.3% 11.1% 145.8 19.4% 82.92
5 Zephyrhills, 11.6 26.6% 12.7% 35.8 19.6% 82.42
6 Sun City Center 11.2 11.6% 14.2% 90.7 21.0% 82.16
7 Safety Harbor 13.9 9.9% 10.4% 79.2 23.4% 81.65
8 Rockledge, 12.5 15.1% 10.1% 92.0 21.5% 81.48
9 Leesburg, 11.4 16.3% 20.9% 61.9 20.4% 80.55
10 Estero, FL 9.0 8.0% 9.0% 127.6 21.7% 80.33

LassiterWare Cares, Leesburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Jon’s Nursery and Boy Scouts beautify Beverly Shores Elementary.
Leesburg, Florida – On Saturday, August 22 2015, at 8:00 a.m., Beverly Shores Elementary School was invaded by rakes, shovels, mulch, plants and a tractor. With the assistance of School Principal Monica Gordon, community partners LassiterWare’s Foundation, LassiterWare Cares, Leesburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Jon’s Nursery and the local Boy and Cub Scouts tackled overgrown bushes, weeds and a lack-luster picnic area. Thirty (30) volunteers worked together to spread 40 yards of cedar mulch in existing floral beds and the student picnic area, as well as plant donated bushes and ground cover. “It was fun working with Sandi and the Chamber. It is my hope that the LassiterWare Cares team put a big smile on the face of Beverly Shores Elementary teachers and students for the first day back! We stand dedicated alongside the Leesburg Chamber in the development of the young minds and hearts of Lake County” Doug Childers, Jr., LassiterWare President/CEO.
Leesburg Area Chamber is fortunate to have community and business partners such as; Jon’s Nursery, who donated 25 Ligustrums, 25 Ligustrum-Jack Frosts and 10 flats of Asiatic Jasmine for the front flowerbeds to create a welcoming and inviting school campus. And, LassiterWare Insurance, a century old Leesburg business whose corporate values include community, take pride in supporting the places they live and work. LassiterWare Cares Foundation, which is solely funded by the employees of LassiterWare, donated time, sweat equity and mulch to the Beverly Shores Elementary Landscape project.
The Leesburg Area Chamber of Commerce’s Education Committee and its partners strive to support and improve Leesburg Community Schools. School Pride is an essential element that motivates, builds, and instills values, confidence, and appreciation in our Students, Staff, Faculty and Administration. Our Schools are a reflection of our Community.
Promoting Progress and Profit in the Leesburg Area!
For more information please contact maria@leesburgchamber.com or mandyf@lassiterware.com. Visit leesburgchamber.com and http://www.lassiterware.com/giving-back.php

Technology Drive

Looking for a gift for your Lake County Student?

How about a technology gift that they can use while in class, & at home to work on homework or have fun??

Below is the list of compatible devices compiled by The Lake County School District that students can use while in the classroom.